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Basic Information

WAVF is striving to create a world free from Voyeurism and the violation of Privacy of all individuals thereby.
Due to the increased incidents of Voyeurism, there has developed a fear in the minds of consumers about the establishments they frequent. There are constantly on the watch for spy cameras or similar devices and are required to be alert at all times. This interferes with an individual’s fundamental Right to Life, as guaranteed under the Indian Constitution.
To ensure accountability of establishments where such violation is most likely to occur such as hotels, changing rooms, lodges, etc, and to allow the individuals to fearlessly access such establishments, WAVF has devised a new scheme of Accreditation to WAVF. All the establishments accredited to WAVF will be known as “Voyeurism-free” zones and consumer/visitors can make use of the establishments without any anxiety or worry.
This will be a platform for individuals to cross-check the institutions for the following:

  1. Whether or not a certain establishment is accredited by WAVF
  2. Establishments in a locality (anywhere in the world) which are accredited by WAVF
  3. The previous history of each establishments w.r.t the offence of Voyeurism
  4. The present status of each establishment w.r.t the offence of Voyeurism

Each establishment will require getting their premises inspected by a competent Police/Public authority. After such inspection, the establishment can apply for accreditation with WAVF. Only if all the necessary conditions are fulfilled, the establishment is awarded accreditation by WAVF. Hence, all establishments accredited to WAVF will be Voyeurism-free and their services can be availed without the fear of being watched.
If you are looking for the detailed procedure on how to get accredited to WAVF, click here.

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